Laboratory Furniture

  An integrated furniture concept
  Space for all your needs
  Laboratory furniture design offers
        Excellent use of space
        Best possible support of working processes
        Easy retrofitting or re-modelling
  Product Range
        Underbench cabinets
        On plinth
        As mobile containers
        Suspended cabinets
        Top mounted cabinets
        For all Cabinets
        For Service Walls

        Tall cabinets
        Wall mounted cabinets
        Basins and sink units

Fume Cupboards

  Hazardous substances extracted safely
  For you, we exceed the standards
  Comprehensive safety features and high economic efficiency
  Extraction of volatile hazardous substances Gases, Aerosols, Dust
  Protection from exploding experiments
  Product Range
        EXPLORIS VarioTop® fume cupboard
        Table top fume cupboards for general use – the standard laboratory fume cupboard
        Distillation fume cupboards, with table height 500 mm – for high test setups (e.g. distillation columns)
        High performance fume cupboards – for working with particularly aggressive materials
        Radionuclide fume cupboards – especially for working with radioactive isotopes
        Bench-type fume cupboard
        Innovation: Table top fume cupboard with height-adjustable table

Service Systems

  Service supply systems that bring power, water, gases, vacuum… of top quality with appropriate pressure, voltage/current and required volume flexible at every work station
  Wide selection of Electrical components Fittings
  Electrical sockets available in a number of variations and country-specific types
  Uniform appearance
  Accessories that can be combined with any of our service supply systems
  Product Range
        Service cells
        Service blocks
        Service booms
        Electrical Components

Chemical Storage Cabinets

  Risks in connection with the storage of hazardous substances
  Escape of volatile hazardous substances into the air in the laboratory
  Combustion of flammable hazardous substances
  Restricted access by unauthorised persons
  Leakage from stored bottles
  Product Range
        Safety cabinets for flammable liquids
        Tall safety cabinets
        Underbench safety cabinets
        Acid and base cabinets
        Chemicals cabinets
        Accessories for safety cabinets